What Color is

What Color is

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Color in a human being is determined by two or more genes and the pigmentation of the eye’s iris.In a human being, the natural coloring of the iris varies. The natural coloring of the iris varies from light brown to black depending on how the melanin is concentrated.Tyndall scattering of light in the stroma causes blue, green and hazel eye color.

How We See Colors

Human color vision is the ability to distinguish objects based on wavelengths of light. Human beings see in wavelengths of blue, red and green. Human color vision occurs in the brain, the signals come from the eyes but the brain makes one sense the signals.Your eyes create the code of color but those coded signals only make sense after the cortex decodes them. Most parts of the visual cortex must work well for you the color well.

How Does Human Color Vision Work?

Normally we view the world in wavelenghts of green, red and blue. Some animals like birds, reptiles and reptiles can see blue, ultraviolet, infrared light and green. The eye has cone cells found in the middle of the retina, they contain opsins. Opsins are color sensitive proteins that give electrical signals that send messages to the brain(back part of the brain).

How The Eye Works in Various Wavelenghts

During the day we have bright light from the sun. As the sun is far away from planet earth, light is scattered at the atmosphere. Short light frequencies are spread more than the long light frequencies, this why you cant see the blue light but green and red. These colours bounce and remix and due to the spectrum effect you see it as white. During sunset the sun is close to the horizon, so you see red and green wavelenghts

Colors on the web

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