What The Pupil Do

What The Pupil Do

22nd August 2018 Post 0

The pupil of the eye, is an open space cloudy, black colored rounded structure, which is located at the center of the eye of all living things. It is where the process of site begins when it allows light to go through it, and focuses the light onto the Retina through the lens, which are other crucial structures of the eye.

Functionality Of The Pupil

The pupil together with the iris controls the amount of light entering the eye. The iris has muscles which control the size of the pupil. The muscles constricts or dilates to control the amount of light that enters the eye through the pupil. It dilates in the dark to improve night vision and constricts in bright light to avoid glare and uncomfortable situation or even damage to the retina and lens.

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There is a big variance in pupil size in human and animals. In all, some have big pupils and some have small. The size of the pupil becomes smaller as one ages. Controlled by the iris, the amount of light to which the pupil is exposed determines its size. It enlarges in the dark and reduces in the bright light. Pupils also constrict when one focuses closely to an object.

The Pupil Makes Life Enjoyable

The pupil, through which light goes through and the process continues by which animals and humans gain vision, and eventually get a chance to enjoy life through work , having fun and much more, because one can see. Sight degrades as one ages. No wonder the elderly and the blind do not enjoy life as much the young people do. Vision is everything in this world.