Mindfulness Help With Glaucoma?

Mindfulness Help With Glaucoma?

11th March 2019 Post 0
minfulness can help with glaucoma

The world today insists on a frantic way of living. People run from task to task, one street to the next and one train to the other. When healthy living is mentioned, our thoughts dribble to exercises and healthy eating. Mindfulness meditation is most times overlooked. It is simple but helpful in unbelievable ways. All you need to do is pull your seat and pay attention to your breath.

Intriguing Findings In A New Study

A new study has revealed that mindfulness meditation, can be used as a treatment for glaucoma. Glaucoma is a disease caused by the destruction of the optic nerve. This happens when a fluid builds up in the front part of the eye, causing an increase in the eye intraocular pressure. This causes impairment on someone’s sight and if not treated, it can result in blindness.

How Meditation This Works

Meditation is a form of a relaxation program that helps lower the stress hormones in a glaucoma patient. This reduces the intraocular pressure, that is responsible for the disease. Dr. McKinney from Portland, however, pointed out that, further studies needed to be carried out to see whether the results of meditation were permanent. He said that he wouldn’t recommend meditation as a substitute to treatment but as a complement.

In A Nut Shell

Patients of glaucoma should make meditation part of their daily practice. Besides the daily medication one uses, this will help maintain a significant change in their intraocular pressure. In addition, the practice brings someone face to face with themselves which is an important part of the self awareness process. Other than the curative essence of it, meditation also helps prevent other stress related diseases such as hypertension.