The Boarding Glases

The Boarding Glases

20th April 2019 Post 0
bording glases

People who suffer from frequent bouts of motion sickness have a reason to chin up. Boarding Ring, a French company, has developed a pair of spectacles that may cure the common ailment. If you are unfortunately not part of the five percent of the human population who are immune to motion sickness, wearing a pair of Boarding Glasses for 10 to 20 minutes should end any nausea and discomfort.

Don these spectacles for no more motion sickness

Humans have been battling motion sickness for millennia, and have not exhausted developing cures to ease the unpleasantness. From ancient China and Rome to the time of Napoleon, people have tried drinking curious substances and other cures to relieve they symptoms of motion sickness. Hubert Jeannin, father of CEO Antoine Jeannin of Boarding Ring, developed prototypes of The Boarding Glasses in 2004 to be tested out by the French navy. After successful trial results, a viable solution was finally established.

Understanding the nuisance inducing symptoms of motion sickness

Humans eventually figured out other cures for motion sickness beyond drinking urine, praying to the gods, or sucking on peppermints. The Boarding Glasses and its prototypes are capable of dispelling motion sickness because they help restore balance. Motion sickness is believed to be triggered when coordination between the eyes and brain’s sense of balance are thrown off. The spectacles designed by Hubert Jeannin use fluid to restore the body’s equilibrium.

Technological advancements to reduce episodes of motion sickness

Innovation and a curious nature have helped propel humanity forward. The Boarding Glasses are a practical solution that quell symptoms of motion sickness in a short period of time, instead of making do with folk remedies or superstition. The spectacles designed by the French company utilize four lenses and a vivid blue liquid to restore the body to a balanced state. Reducing the painful experience of nausea and feeling out of sorts is simple, and effective with these unique glasses.