The Colour of Your Eyes Can Predict Your Health

The Colour of Your Eyes Can Predict Your Health

19th June 2019 Post 0
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Generally speaking, it is not possible to predict the quality of vision or health outcomes based on a person’s eye colour alone. However, there are multiple studies suggesting specific physical abilities or certain health risks may be linked to the colour of your eyes. Continue reading to find out what your eye colour might say about your health.

Sensitivity of Light-coloured Eyes

People with a light-coloured iris seem to be much more sensitive to light than those with darker iris. In addition, multiple studies have also shown that a lighter eye colour might be related to an increased risk for cancer. This might be due to the fact that lighter eyes are much less pigmented. Therefore, they are not as well protected against potentially harmful ultraviolet rays.

Advantages of brown eyes

According to research done at the University of Louisville, brown-eyed people seem to have better reaction times when performing athletic activities. However, these results should be interpreted with caution because it was a relatively small study. People with brown eyes also seem to be more prone to cataracts and a skin pigment condition called vitiligo.

What you can do

Annual eye exams are recommended for everyone. However, any changes in the appearances of your eyes may be a sign of an underlying health condition and should be checked by a doctor. Especially if the whites of your eyes turn red or yellow, it might be a sign of infection or liver impairments.