The man with glowing eyes

The man with glowing eyes

15th January 2020 Post 0
man with glowing eyes

Eyes are one of the most precious organs of our body. There are all kinds of things that can damage your eyes and a rare syndrome has recently caused a 44-year-old man to seek help with his eye. The doctor performed an eye exam and found defects in the pigment of the iris, giving the eye an unnatural glow known as pigment dispersion.

Problems within the Iris Pigment

The man said that his family had a history of glaucoma but the actual glowing eye comes from this condition ‘pigment dispersion syndrome’ The glow was a result of a bright light used during the exam and shining through the iris, indicating a problem in the pigment of the iris. Drainage canals of the eye are clogged and eye pressure is raised which ultimately leads to glaucoma.

A Rare Eye Disorder

This weird glowing appearance is a sign of a rare disorder where eye pigments flake off. The syndrome mentioned is diagnosed more often with men in the 20s and 30s and it can be an inherited condition. This particular 44 year old man had laser therapy to open the clogged drainage channels and requires ongoing medication.

Keep Your Eyes Healthy – Prevent Glaucoma

Your eyes are precious, look after them. Regular eye exams can help to prevent glaucoma damage. Early detection can actually help with maintaining vision, and anyone with glaucoma in the family should be tested each year, as you are more at risk. You are even more at risk after the age of 35. Protect your eyes as even eye diseases and injuries can result in traumatic- or secondary glaucoma.