The History of Rayban

The History of Rayban

17th March 2021 Post 0
history of rayban

Rayban was launched by an American company called Bausch & Lomb in 1937. The brand is known for its Aviator and Wayfarer series of sunglasses, and the original reason for its creation was to produce sunglasses for US Army pilots. In 1999, Bausch & Lomb sold the company to Luxottica, an Italian company whose headquarters were in Arkansas.

How It Started

The idea behind Rayban was introduced in 1929 by a US Army Colonel, John Macready. He wanted to replace the glasses that the pilots used with more effective models to reduce the effects of intense sky hues. Bausch & Lomb later launched a prototype in 1936, and it had plastic frames and green lenses to cut out the glare. Rayban has since evolved and is now known to create the best sunglasses and wayfarer even for a casual look.

The Eyewear Produced By Rayban Today

As the leading eyewear brand today, Rayban sunglasses and wayfarers are the perfect blend of quality and comfort. The good thing is, both men and women can wear these fashionable sunglasses. You can choose from classic shades, including green, black, and brown. The materials can range from plastics such as nylon and acetate to metals such as steel.

What Else About Rayban?

The most loved models produced by Rayban include the Clubmasters, Blaze Meteor, and Wings. The brand uses polarised lenses to block excessive light reflecting from surfaces such as water bodies and pavements. So the glasses are perfect for daytime activities like driving and fishing. Fact is, if you are looking to amp up your style with classic and functional eyewear, Rayban is for you.