Why Do Eyes Change Color?

Why Do Eyes Change Color?

11th March 2022 Post 0
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An individual’s eye colour usually becomes permanent about three years after birth. Eye colour is usually incapable of changing once it has set. However, several factors can influence the pigmentation in your eye and whether or not it changes. Some of you may have noticed at least once in your life that when you look into a mirror your eye colour looks different. Let’s see why that is.

How the Sun Affects Eye Color

A big factor in the change of eye colour is sun exposure. This is because your body produces more melanin if your body is exposed to light. The more light your eyes are exposed to, the more chance there is of your eye colour appearing darker than what it is. There are so many different eye colors, that exposure to natural light can often reveal colours in your irises you may not have recognised yet.

Medical Conditions That Affect Eye Colour

One of the main medical reasons for our eyes changing colour is Heterochromia. which is also known as FHI. In addition to causing atrophy of the iris, cataracts and eye inflammation, it can alter the colour of one eye, causing heterochromia, or leaving you with two different eye colors. This is a condition you can be born with, but it can also be developed as an adult.

Other Reasons for Change in Eye Colour

Another reason for the change of your eye colour could be emotions. When you’re going through emotions, your body releases a hormone that causes your pupils to either expand or contract. Together this changes the hue of your eyes, often making them more vibrant or brighter depending on what you’re feeling.