man with glowing eyes

The man with glowing eyes

Eyes are one of the most precious organs of our body. There are all kinds of things that can damage your eyes and a rare syndrome has recently caused a 44-year-old man to seek help with his eye. The doctor performed an eye exam and found defects in the pigment of the iris, giving the…
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15th January 2020 0
zooming lenses for eyes

Zooming lenses

A zooming lens is a pretty old discovery considering that it first came to being in 1920s. It is simply a mechanical assembly of lenses whose focal length can be varied as opposed to a set of lens whose focal length remains constant. A true zoom lens can also be refereed to as a parfocal…
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24th October 2019 0
red spot in our eye i

Why Do I Have A Red Spot On My Eye?

A red spot on the white part of the eye, also known as subconjunctival hemorrhage, may appear as a result of broken tiny blood vessels. This may occur due to excessive coughing or straining. It does not cause any pain or blurring of the vision, and often goes unnoticed until you look into a mirror.…
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18th August 2019 0
heterocromia color of eyes and health

The Colour of Your Eyes Can Predict Your Health

Generally speaking, it is not possible to predict the quality of vision or health outcomes based on a person’s eye colour alone. However, there are multiple studies suggesting specific physical abilities or certain health risks may be linked to the colour of your eyes. Continue reading to find out what your eye colour might say…
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19th June 2019 0
bording glases

The Boarding Glases

People who suffer from frequent bouts of motion sickness have a reason to chin up. Boarding Ring, a French company, has developed a pair of spectacles that may cure the common ailment. If you are unfortunately not part of the five percent of the human population who are immune to motion sickness, wearing a pair…
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20th April 2019 0
minfulness can help with glaucoma

Mindfulness Help With Glaucoma?

The world today insists on a frantic way of living. People run from task to task, one street to the next and one train to the other. When healthy living is mentioned, our thoughts dribble to exercises and healthy eating. Mindfulness meditation is most times overlooked. It is simple but helpful in unbelievable ways. All…
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11th March 2019 0
bionic eye 6


With millions of people suffering from low vision, bionic eye implants are becoming important. They are placed at the back of the eye and help in restoring the vision to those who have retinal complications. A camera captures the images which are then sent to the implant. The electrodes on the implant stimulate the retinal…
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30th January 2019 0
the sclera at daltonism


When studying an eye, the sclera makes up the more than 80% of the eye. It is also known as the white of the eye and it is the protective outer layer of the human eye that consists of elastic fibre and collagen. Unlike other animals, the human sclera is white in colour hence easily…
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20th December 2018 0
The Cornea Picture

The Cornea

The cornea is the outermost protective layer of your eye. It plays a vital role in focusing your vision in that, as light enters your eyes, it becomes refracted by the curved edge of the cornea. This aids in determining how well your eyes focus on objects that are either close to you or far…
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8th November 2018 0

What The Pupil Do

The pupil of the eye, is an open space cloudy, black colored rounded structure, which is located at the center of the eye of all living things. It is where the process of site begins when it allows light to go through it, and focuses the light onto the Retina through the lens, which are…
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22nd August 2018 0